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FAQ about supplies of products from Greece

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FAQ questions about of cooperation with Frulantis for supplies of fruit production

What are the Frulantis company's services?
We have been supplying various fruit products ranging from fresh fruit and ending with fruit purees and concentrates. We take care of all the difficulties of the initial stage of familiarity with products, with production and - equally important - ensure the sustainability of supplies.And finally - most important - line of products supplied claimed samples, and of course - the stability of product quality until the last container.
How much more expensive to purchase products to the Client through a company Frulantis?
Yes, there may be a view that our clients are overpaid by entering into contracts for the purchase of products with us. No way! Clients enter into contracts directly with producers, thus the buyer has 100% guarantee of objectivity choice, as well as a guarantee that the price does not present the various intermediaries.In fact, our participation facilitates the procurement process, the process of solving various issues ranging from the expulsion of the samples and discuss the terms of the contract. The client pays us nothing. Our services are paid by sellers in accordance with European legislation.
How can I get samples for testing?
The process of removal of samples for testing prospective buyer brought us to perfection as our goal - as easy as possible to the Client the process of acquaintance with the products. And for complete objectivity in the choice of product according to its quality, we arrange delivery of samples from several manufacturers, the client can choose the best of the good. For this customer sends us the specification (or the main qualitative characteristics) on the interest of its products, in order that we can pick up products, the most appropriate technology to customer needs. Once our managers agree with the Client features, we will arrange to send samples cherz courier services to the Client. To do this we need to get the buyer the following information: your full address with the name of the firm's client, name and telephone number of a contact person, which will bind couriers to send samples. We constantly monitor the situation with customs requirements of our clients, so the process of obtaining samples was not delivered to the client any difficulties, including the material plane.
What is the telex-release?
Telex release - this is a method for transmitting to the office of the carrier's bill of lading at the port of arrival. It happens this way: We (exporter) passing the original bill of lading to the greek office of the transport company (line), and then the local transport workers notify through internal communications of their agents at the port of arrival of the goods that the sender has received payment and specify the recipient of the goods. When needed telex release? One of the reasons - if the payment was made shortly before the arrival of the ship in port, and sending of the original bill of lading will inevitably lead to a delay, which in turn will result in penalties by the carrier. In addition, there are cases where the port for delivery to the final destination has to resort to the services of several carriers. Then telex release simplifies the procedure for obtaining a container at the port of arrival.
Is there a possibility to obtain samples of fruit or berries IQF?
Yes, in some cases, we have the opportunity to introduce a remote client with samples of frozen products.
Whether the client pays for sending samples?
Sending samples to the Client is carried entirely by the manufacturer or Frulantis that makes the collaborative process as comfortable as possible for the client.
What is there to pay for the convenience of delivered products?
We may grant an extension of payment products for up to 75 days and up to $ 100 thousand euros. It depends on each individual case, and can not be regarded as 100% deferral of all who are willing to buy our products. In each case, the matter will be discussed with the client and decide the outcome of the situation.
How are the deliveries of purees and concentrates in the winter time, to exclude from freezing?
In winter, if the port through which the customer receives the goods, there is danger of freezing the contents of the barrels, traffic carried in containers, refrigerators, as well as cars, refrigerators. Of course, this raises the cost of shipping product, but gives the customer a guarantee that he will get the product safely.
In case of arrival of the Client's representative to explore the industries, whether it can rely on?
Yes, and it is an integral part of the Frulantis company. We shall take care of the Client from the first minute to the last. Our representatives will meet the Client's exercise of his transfer to the hotel, clarify with the client program of the host country of the manufacturer. Our managers will make hotel bookings on the customer's choice. By the time the Client, we already have prepared a program to maximize the residence time to obtain an objective picture of the manufacturers, contracts and so on. That is, simply put, the client receives exactly for what came.
That in addition to the business part of the program receives client in the host country?
This is another important part of our services. We tried to optimally combine the business part of familiarity with the culture, archaeological sites and natural beauty of the host country client. Our goal - to make the most comfortable and interesting process of exploring the production of goods. We know how much is loaded into the procurement season sales representative, we know how important it is to pass to the Customer acclimatization to combine work and leisure. Typically, customers are left to themselves, and nobody cares about their morale, but just to quickly sign a contract. Often, sellers do not even bother to take the Customer to the airport. We surround our clients' attention from the first moment of their arrival in the country of origin, and until their landing on the aircraft or other means of transportation. We meet, we carry out a transfer, Customer delivers to enterprises, organize the cultural program, or shopping - at the request of the Customer
Whether the client pays for airfare, transfers, hotel, tours and more?
We strive to provide maximum client comfort, while trying to save customers the choice of objectivity is with us. To eliminate the suspicion of bias in decisions taken by the Customer, New Customers pay from its budget flight, accommodation and lunch. We provide a free shuttle, sightseeing and more. With regard to older clients, the ratio of our expenses and the client to change for the better for the client side.
Here we come to the country of the manufacturer. Where we search the Internet to connect with family or with the leadership? How can connect with their, if not issued roaming?
In the hotels where we place our Clients have the ability to connect to the Internet. In addition, we provide a SIM card from a local operator to ensure that the Customer has always been a valid link.
We signed a contract. It is time for shipment of products. Does anyone pay attention to drivers who go for the products will show whether the way for them? Or to drivers custody does not apply?
Our policy - to pay due attention to all representatives of the Customer and at all stages of working with clients ranging from discussing the details on the procurement of products and completed the organization of uninterrupted and with minimal problems shipments. We will send advance map as a graphic form, in addition to navigation, which exists in the car, the drivers were schemes available explanations.
What about the customs clearance of products in the country of origin? It is a headache to the procuring party? How do I know what papers need to require the seller to the customs and border everything was ok?
This is our headache. Or rather - the lack of a headache for all parties. Experience can refine the process of customs clearance so that the driver is engaged in only by its direct business - to turn the steering wheel. The driver gets all the necessary papers (and in the correct number of copies), so that no problem is customs clearance in the country of manufacture and also without any problems of transit passes.
If the shipment is a container, the client gets a courier package of original documents that allow you to without delay to make customs clearance at the customs territory of the country.
And last but not least - to retrieve the car (in terms of pressure on the axis) in accordance with the requirements of the countries of transit.
What about the quality? There is no guarantee that the quality samples were sent? And in general, would like to see the first batch did not differ from the next in quality.
Yes, we ensure that the quality of delivered products supplied for testing samples, and more importantly - consistent quality. Given that everything does not always happen smoothly, it should be noted that from us is often required to solve the various issues that we are successfully to customer satisfaction and do.
Are there any certificates for the products supplied?
Of course, supplied products are certified by European and international institutions. The buyer receives timely original certificates of quality, origin and so on.
Can I get the specifications for products of interest to us, so we had an idea of the suitability of our products?
Of course, before you send the sample, we are discussing with the client the main qualitative characteristics of the product in accordance with the technological requirements of the Client. If we can not provide products that fully complies on each item, then we are discussing with the client a question of principle whether one or another characteristic. The best result is achieved when this discussion takes place before the start of production, then we can provide the production, the most relevant application requirements.
Can I use the raw material that delivers Frulantis for baby food?
Yes, our puree are used for making baby food.
Fruit puree samples from Frulantis, Greece
production of some countries has an acidity of the upper boundary, what is the reason? This is because any supplements?
Acidity is determined in large part by geography origin of fruits or vegetables, as well as the degree of maturation. At the beginning of the season is always higher acidity. In addition, we sometimes indicate the acidity in terms of 11 brix. Accordingly, if the measured acidity of boiled mashed puree with a high brix, it is necessary to recalculate.
How to protect yourself from the situation when the load like a good fruit on arrival at all ports. The worst - when it is all spoiled in a few days when it is impossible to claim.
We cooperate only with reliable suppliers of fresh produce. Our agronomists strictly follow the timely processing of the relevant legislation of drugs. In addition, we will not allow ourselves to delivering products that have a different purpose, as a fruit for the table of the consumer.
If the customer inconvenience the process of customs clearance samples, if he can get them an alternative way?
Yes, in cases where, for whatever reason the client does not deal with customs clearance in hand samples, we can produce samples sent by other means (not through courier). Depending on the location of the client, these methods may be different, we have to be discussed with each client based on the situation.

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