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About Frulantis - greek fruit trading company

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Frulantis offers high-quality fruit products from Greece

Why Frulantis?

  • Frulantis is located in Greece and can provide quality greek products.
  • Frulantis offers products from first hand without intermediaries.
  • products are fully consistent with quality requirements imposed by the Client.
  • Before buy a product, the client gets the full information on the product. It applies to qualitative characteristics, prices, delivery methods, etc.
  • The client receives timely product samples for testing. Production is fully consistent with the specs.
  • The client has the choice of quality-price ratio between the best producers in Greece

How are experienced producers, which represents Frulantis?
The oldest of the Greek companies presented dates back to 1965. At the same time all the Greek company has updated the production base not earlier 2007. And some of the companies are affiliated, and built in 2009.

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Who are the customers of Frulantis?
Participants of the fruit market, for which is important the quality and objective choice. In the 21st century is not encouraged to work with only one supplier.
When customers decide to continue cooperation with Frulantis - is the recognition that the past year involving Frulantis been fruitful.

Who are the competitors of Frulantis?
Frulantis will always be one step ahead in.

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