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Export of wine from Greece

The company Frulantis is the official partner of the wine manufacturer Vaeni

Bottles of greek wine

What is the uniqueness of offer?


Grape Xinomavro

Wines from the cooperative Vaeni produced mainly from grapes Xinomavro (Gr. Ξινόμαυρο - sour black). This variety is commonly known among experts and connoisseurs of wine.

Why exactly Vaeni?

Numerous awards and medals testify that Vaeni is more than a serious player in the wine market.

The cooperative form of co-operation brought together more than two hundred wine-growing farms. As a consequence, the price of the wine favorably differs from the prices offered by smaller private winery.

Detailed about the proposal

Vaeni produces wine from the grapes Xinomavro of Naoussa region only. The phrase Xinomavro Naoussa is a symbol of quality by itself. This wine is classified as PDO (Protected Designation of Origin).

Double Ruyot

As a result of years of research ampelographists and oenologists have come to the conclusion that for a given grade in a given region, the optimal method of formation of the vine is double-arm (or double) Ruyot (see the photo).

A notable feature of the white wines from Vaeni considered that even white wine made from black grapes Xinomavro. This is a classic type of wine Blanc de Noir. As shown in the primary crusher, gentle juice (the must-own course in the language of Greek wine - "tear"). Because the juice is not in contact with dark skin, the wine cames to be white.

It would be desirable pay special attention to the sequence of processes in the production of wine from Vaeni. To juice has less tannins, destemming occurs first, and then grinding in a crusher berries. This is a classic scheme in the Greek wine industry. In cases where you need high tannin content, the mixture is fermented mash with ridges.

The density of planting of 2700-3500 plants per hectare. The maximum yield of 1 hectare (for optimum performance ratio of grapes) - 10000 kg.

Greek wine drums

Oenologists: Anastou Thomas и Mpersos Nikolaos

Minimal order for your ТМ - 15.000 pieces.

The tradition of winemaking in Greece back millennia. In Vaeni successfully use the experience of many generations of Greek wine.

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