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Frozen greek fruits IQF

Frozen fruits from Greece by Frulantis

Manager of Frulanis and frozen fruits

Products we offer are produced using the method of quick freezing (individually quick frozen - IQF), which allows to save the essential vitamins and useful elements.

Product Type Description
Frozen Apricots diced IQF from Greece Apricots diced (sizes 6 to 12 mm) variety Bebeco
Frozen Peaches diced IQF from Greece Peaches diced (sizes 6 to 12 mm), category Yellow Cling
Frozen Cherry pitted block IQF from Greece Cherry pitted & block, variety Tragana
Frozen Kiwi diced IQF from Greece Kiwi diced (10 mm), variety Hayward, Greece
Frozen Sour cherry IQF from Greece Sour cherry, pitted & block. Variety Tragana
Frozen Strawberry IQF from Greece Strawberry variety Camarosa

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