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conical drums for fruit and vegetable purees and concentrates

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Pear puree 10-12 and 30-32 brix supply from Greece

Pear and jar with pear puree

We offer greek pear puree 10-12 and 30-32bx

Frulantis offers pear puree 10-12 and 30-32% directly from greek manufacturers.

Pear puree differs in content of natural sugars (fructose and glucose) in the final product. For today there is two main types of puree - 10-12% and 30-32%. The first kind of puree - single strength, without evaporation. It means, that the product remains the natural sugar content - 10-12 brix. It is mainly used for baby food. In contrast to that product, pear puree 30-32 brix is used for the juices, nectars and other similar products. To reduce the costs of transportation puree contracted by removing of water to a condition in which the sugar content comes to values of 30-32%. The color is slightly darker than the puree 10-12bx.

Methods for packing puree and concentrates:

  • bulk in truck tanks
  • aseptic bags in a conical metal drums of 200 liters
  • frozen - bags in drums

Most often we supply pear puree in aseptic bags. Metallized plastic opaque bag with a diameter of fitting exit one inch embedded in a metal conical drum with volume of 200 liters and a wall thickness of 0.6-0.8 mm. The average weight of the pure product in a drum is near the 230 kg. For today we use greek and turkish drums. On a pallet there is 4 drums. Twenty-feet container holds a 20 pallet, so, in sum - 80 barrels.

You can download the specifications for puree and concentrates which we offer.

Also you can download the specifications for pear puree 30-32 brix in a PDF format.

Glass with pear juice

Methods of transportation of pear puree in drums:

  • 20feet FCL - (at ship) - 80 barrels
  • 20feet container (at container-truck) - 80 barrels
  • a refrigerated truck - 22 pallets of 4 drums
  • a tilt truck - 26 pallets of 4 drums

The Frulantis company guarantees the quality of delivered purees and concentrates and full conformity to customer's technological requirements. In a try to support companies that prefer to work with greek fruit purees, Frulantis tries to provide the maximum reasonable prices for ourproducts. Our goal is - our customers to have a stable profit and grateful customers.

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