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Eleni Tsouflidou - Petras Group's fruit quality manager

Fresh fruits from Greece

We offer fresh peaches and apricots, apples, grapes and other fresh fruits from Greece

map of Greece

Frulantis offers a wide choice of fruits and vegetables grown in Greece.

Product Type Description
greek kiwi variety Sorelli Kiwi Sorelli
From the end of October
greek kiwi variety Hayward Kiwi Hayward
From the end of October
Pomegranate from Greece Pomegranates Wonderful
From the end of September untill December
Greek aple GRANNY SMITH Apples Granny Smith
After 10 Oktober
Greek aple STARKING Apples Star King
After 10 Oktober
Tangerines Clementina from Greece Tangerines Clementine
December - March
Tangerines Ortanique from Greece Tangerines Ortanique
January - April
Orange variety Lane-late Oranges Lane-late, Navel, Navelinas
From December to March
Blood orange from Greece Blood oranges
February - March
Strawberry from Greece to buy Strawberry
April - June
Cherries from Greece Cherry
June, July
Buy apricots from Greece Apricots
buy Peaches from Greece Peaches
buy Prunus Persica from Greece Prunus Persica
Nectarine from Greece to buy Nectarines
Buy a plum from Greece Plums
oval plum angelina from greece Oval plum Angelina
After end of August
Grape variety Victoria Grape varietiy Victoria
Grape variety Sultanina Grape varietiy Sultanina

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  • Fresh fruit wholesale companies

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