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Supplies of apricots from Greece

We offer greek apricots directly from farmers

Apricots from Greece

We supply apricots in June. Regions of the production of apricots - Larissa, Chalkidiki, Pella and Imathia.

There are several varieties of apricots in Greece, such as Bebeco, Arora, Tirinthos and others. At the same time Bebeco is mostly industrial grade and is used for the production of frozen diced apricots and puree (for juices).

Apricots from Greece

The Frulantis company delivers apricots mainly in bulk in plastic boxes of 10 kg, as well as in any other packaging for the customer's choice.

Apricots are susceptible to various factors that are common to all the stone fruit and the impact on productivity. You can read in our article about the illnesses and pests.

Frulantis company has been supplying a wide range of fresh fruit from Greece. Gamma of our products is presented on page fresh fruits.

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