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Metal tins for different canned production

Metal tins for conservations

Description of metal tins for products offered by Frulantis (canned fruits, olives etc.)

Dimensions, mm73*11099*119153*153153*178153*244
ISO volume, ml425850265031504250
Thickness, mm0.1550.1750.2400.2500.265
Tin weight with cap, g5090240260345

Cans, in which the company Frulantis supplies a variety of products are made from tinplate. Thickness of metal sheet is shown in the table above. Metal cans are designed for vertical pressure of 400 kg, and it is one of the basic benefits of using a tinplate can for our products.

Metal outside cans covered with a layer of stannous thickness 2.8 g/m2, and on the inner side plating thickness ranges as 8.4-11.2 g/m2. Besides the stannous is also used lacquer. To protect the stitches is used epoxy phenolic and epoxy clear.

Cutted metal tin

In the above cans, we supply various products, such as - olives, canned fruits and other.

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