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fresh fruits from Greece

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Supplies of oranges from Greece

Sorting before export of oranges from Greece

We offer greek oranges variety Lane-late, Navel, Navelinas, Valencia

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Supply of oranges from Greece begins from the end of November. When stored as recommended oranges do not lose their properties and fresh look to the end of March. Table varieties of orange (Lane-late, Navel, Navelinas) have stretched the skin, pleasant taste and high sweetness.

Lane Late from Greece

Variety Valencia is an industrial grade, and is used mainly for the production of concentrates. It should be noted, that concentrates made from oranges variety Valencia concedes on sweetness to concentrates of table grapes, and is one step below the concentrated juices direct extraction, which are derived from varieties Lane-late, Navel, Navelinas.

The company Frulantis supplies oranges from Greece in all kinds of packaging. Through persistence of oranges, their delivery can be carried over long distances and also in refrigerated containers. Frulantis company is interested in expanding the market of our customers and guarantee the quality of Greek oranges.

There are different ways of packaging for export. This is mainly wooden box, mesh, and in bulk in plastic boxes of 10 kg.

Frulantis company has been supplying a wide range of fresh fruit from Greece. Gamma of our products is presented on page fresh fruits.

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