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Cherries from Greece

We offer greek cherries varieties Tragana etc.

Cherries from Greece

Supplies of fresh cherries from Greece begins in late May, but more often - in early June. Early variety of sweet cherry called Bullage matures after 20 May, but this variety is not suitable for export. This is because the maturation of the variety cherry usually coincides with the rainy season. It destroys a large part of the crop, and generally makes cherries very sensitive and easily perishable. In our article you can read more about this and other factors which are affecting the sweet cherry crop.

Cherries from Greece

Deliveries of cherry for export the Frulantis company begins with variety Tragana, then ripen varieties Bakirtzeika category (varieties Faruvia, Sampas, etc.). Cherry varieties Tragana usually has the caliber of 24mm +, while the other varieties - 28mm +. Cherry growing in Greece as the plains and in mountainous regions, which allows to stretch the supply of the season from early June to late July - to the extent of maturation. Areas of growing cherry in Greece - Larissa, Pella and Veroia.

Greek cherry has beautiful appearance, full of heady flavor. Cherries are packed in boxes of 26 cm by 47 cm carton boxes can be either plywood - such as those in which we load peaches and nectarines.

Greek farmer from Panagitsa befor the collecting of cherries

Because we buy cherries (also the other stone fruits) directly from farmers, the price of our products is as objective as possible for our clients (when compared with other proposals from Greece). The bulkhead of cherries we make shortly before shipment. This allows the client to receive a fresh, flawless, and cooled properly in refrigeration plants products. These factors will ensure that upon arrival cherry will be the same fresh and beautiful. We appreciate customers who prefer to work with the Greek cherries, and we try to provide them with quality products. Substandard cherries we sale the factories for the production of frozen cherry IQF, which is also included in the range of products we export.

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