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Kiwi variety Hayward - supplies from Greece

Calibers and weight of kiwi variety Hayward, offered by Frulantis

CaliberWeight of kiwi, gr.Average weight of kiwi, gr.

We offer kiwi variety Hayward from Greece directly

Packing of kiwi in punets variety Hayward from Greece

Kiwi, like the oranges, along with one of the strong position of the Greek fruit. Frulantis company provides the world market variety of kiwi - Hayward.

kiwi variety Hayward (flat) from Greece

Period of supply kiwi Hayward - from late October to March or April. Resistance of kiwi gives ability to be stored in refrigeration until April, but due to the constant demand kiwi ends in February. It should be noted that the popularity of Greek kiwi is stable at global market. Strict adherence to European standards with the traditional approach to agricultural labor have allowed Greek kiwi take a stable positions in the market. Consumers satisfied with quality and taste of Greek kiwi, support the demand from our partners outside of Greece. This allows to receive a stable profit to partners of Frulantis company who prefer to deal exactly with the Greek fruits.

Kiwi Hayward is packing in bulk in plastic boxes 10 kg, in 1 kg punets and also in wooden or carton boxes. Ratio of calibers and weight of kiwi is listed in the table below.

kiwi Hayward (butterfly) from Greece

Kiwi "flat" and "butterfly"

In recent years, our customers have become popular kiwi irregular shape. Obviously, the more attractive price enables our customers to make more profit, and we are glad to help. We supply kiwi, which are called in the market as "flat" and "Butterfly." Some mistakenly classify them as separate species. In fact, it is only the results of the process of fertilization and subsequent ripening of kiwifruit.

Flat fruit are obtained by overcrowded clusters on a branch. This occurs when the pruning was done properly, resulting in a dense arrangement of kiwi fruit on the branch, as well as for other objective reasons.

kiwi Hayward (butterfly) cutted

Butterfly - is like a "Siamese twins," it is double or triple kiwifruit. If desired, these indeed be compared in shape with a butterfly. The picture shows butterfly-like shape. At the photo of cutted kiwi is clearly visible that there are glued several cores.

In the table below you can see the caliber and weight ratio of kiwifruit. For kiwifruit shipped in punets, is accepted indication of caliber as the number of pieces in this same basket. Thus, the ratio is: 30-10, 33-11, 36-12, 39-13, 42-14.

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