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Production of fruit puree, scheme

Here you can see the puree production scheme

Below provides an exemplary fruit puree production scheme.

Please note that this is an exemplary scheme, which includes the main stages, and is not general for all kinds of purees and concentrates.

Detailed diagram of the puree production

Pure production sxeme
Intake of fresh fruits
fresh fruits are discharged into the bathtub with running water for washing. At this stage, remove twigs and other foreign bodies to avoid hitting them in the fruit pulp. Inclined tape consists of rolls with gaps that can separate what is not gone with the water or left on the bottom of the tub.
Pure production sxeme
Stage of the selection of raw materials
at this stage, optically detect and remove rotten, unripe fruits, and large branches that are not retired running water at the initial stage.
Pure production sxeme
Stoning takes place immediately after cutting the fruit into pieces that can release the stone. Depending on the type of fruit drum, which separates the bones, different in characteristics. Externally, a mechanism for all types of raw materials, only the drum.
Pure production sxeme
preheating is necessary in order to inactivate the ferments (enzims), as well as make it easier to pass the fruit mass through pipelines.
Pure production sxeme
Separation of solid particles
at this stage, separated by a variety of solid particles, which should not be in the final product. These can be particles of seed, fruit peel and other debris.
Pure production sxeme
Removal of fragrance
Removal of fragrance - a procedure, which carries the task to capture the flavors of the finished product. In order to boiling point until the desired consistency of flavor does not evaporate along with water vapor, its pre-selected vacuum method. To ensure this process is also used as a dry steam. Then the scent is cooled by the refrigeration unit to a liquid state, and added to the finished product at the final stage before pasteurization.
Pure production sxeme
Intermediate tank
This is an interim stage collection of fruit mass for its further processing.
Pure production sxeme
Evaporator is used to bring the content of natural sugars in the product to the desired value (brix). Depending on the difference in Brix content of the final product on the characteristics of raw materials, can primenyatsya to three units or more. Evaporation takes place by means of injected steam and vacuum.
Pure production sxeme
Homogenizer converts fruit mixture into a homogeneous substance with a consistency similar to yogurt. At this stage, the weight adds flavor, which was selected earlier. Almost at this stage of the final product is obtained by its physical-chemical. characteristics. By plugging in a container it separates only a stage of pasteurization.
Pure production sxeme
at this stage, all microorganisms are destroyed. In contrast to the stage of preheating, pasteurization takes place at higher temperatures (95 o -115 o ). The specific value of pasteurization temperature is set depending on the technological nuances of each particular production.
Pure production sxeme
Plugging in a container
The final stage - filling packaging the finished product. Installation is a two output fitting, which attaches the neck of aseptic metallized plastic bag. The package is enclosed in a metal drum volume of 200 liters, which previously, there is another thick-walled plastic bag to avoid possible damage aseptic bag. Weekend fittings constantly pour steam that eliminates the ingress of microorganisms in aseptic bag. In addition, the neck of a plastic bag fitted with a special lid that opens only with the help of devices installed in the nozzle by heating to a certain temperature. All this allows to reach the finished product until it is used as feedstock for the production of juices, baby food and fruit of various additives.

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