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Tangerines from Greece

Tangerines from Greece

We offer fresh tangerines from Greece

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Frulantis offers greek tangerines variety Clementine.

Clementine variety is by far the main variety of tangerines in Greece. This is the most famous tangerine with the known classical form. Clementine mandarin is going along with the leaves, because otherwise there is danger of separation of the stem and damage the integrity of the skin. Another Greek mandarin variety - Ortanique - on the contrary, is collected without the stem and leaves.

Tangerines Klementina from Greece

Greek tangerine Clementine variety has a pleasant, sweet taste. Peel is removed without much difficulty, but does not have a clear air space, as more southerly varieties. Stones are no much, but they are. Clementine matures by late November - early December, filling the atmosphere of Greece with fragrance of the coming Christmas.

Tangerines Klementina from Greece

Clementine goes back to 1902. This variety of tangerine brought a French monk and breeder Clément Rodier, which was missionary in those years in Algeria.

We supply tangerines in different packaging on customers, but more often - in bulk in a plastic box with a capacity of 10 kg.

If you decided to buy greek tangerines at good prices and decent quality, then Frulantis - is the right choice!

Frulantis company has been supplying a wide range of fresh fruit from Greece. Gamma of our products is presented on page fresh fruits.

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