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Tangerines Ortanique from Greece

Tangerines from Greece

We offer fresh tangerines from Greece

Frulantis offers greek tangerines variety Ortanique.

Tangerine variety Ortanique originate from France, and are second in importance and volume of tangerine variety in Greece. In contrast to the variety Clementine, Ortanique is collecting without leaves. Peel of a mandarin of this variety is thick, tight to the flesh. Thanks to the tight-fitting skin, tangerines Ortanique is well protected from damages.

The form of a tangerine variety Ortanique is flattened, and not Being acquainted with the variety, it is difficult to understand - to which type of citrus it belongs. The average size of size requirements 3 and 4.

Tangerines from Greece

The variety of tangerine Ortanique was discovered in Jamaica in 1920. Judging by the fact that around where many orange and tangerine trees, the researchers considered that met the mixture of these two types of citrus. It must be admitted that the name was invented an incredibly beautiful and at the same time uniting the two species. Ortanique is obtained by adding parts of words or(ange) + tan(gerine) + (un)ique. A mixture of orange and tangerine are sometimes referred to as tangor.

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