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conical drums for fruit and vegetable purees and concentrates

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Peach puree 30-32 brix

greek peaches category Yellow Cling

We offer greek peach puree

Frulantis offers puree from peaches Yellow Cling directly from greek manufacturers.

Peach puree differs in content of natural sugars (fructose and glucose) in the final product. For today there is two main types of puree - 10-12% and 30-32%. The first kind of puree - single strength, without evaporation. It means, that the product remains the natural sugar content - 10-12 brix. It is mainly used for baby food. In contrast to that product, peach puree 30-32 brix is used for the juices, nectars and other similar products. To reduce the costs of transportation puree contracted by removing of water to a condition in which the sugar content comes to values of 30-32%. The color is slightly darker than the puree 10-12bx.

Methods for packing puree and concentrates:

  • bulk in truck tanks
  • aseptic bags in a conical metal drums of 200 liters
  • frozen - bags in drums

Most often we supply peach puree in aseptic bags. Metallized plastic opaque bag with a diameter of fitting exit one inch placed in a metal conical drum with volume of 200 liters and a wall thickness of 0.6-0.8 mm. The average weight of the pure product in a drum is near the 230 kg. For today we use greek and turkish drums. On a pallet there is 4 drums. Twenty-feet container holds a 20 pallet, so, in sum - 80 barrels.

You can download the specifications for puree and concentrates which we offer.

Also you can download the specifications for peach puree 30-32 brix in a PDF format.

Peach puree 30-32 brix

Methods of transportation of peach puree in drums:

  • 20feet FCL - (at ship) - 80 barrels
  • 20feet container (at container-truck) - 80 barrels
  • a refrigerated truck - 22 pallets of 4 drums
  • a tilt truck - 26 pallets of 4 drums

The Frulantis company guarantees the quality of delivered purees and concentrates and full conformity to customer's technological requirements. In a try to support companies that prefer to work with greek fruit purees, Frulantis tries to provide the maximum reasonable prices for ourproducts. Our goal is - our customers to have a stable profit and grateful customers.

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